Iron-Catalyzed S-Arylation of Thiols with Aryl Iodides


  • We are grateful to the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie for financial support. A.C. thanks the Basque Government for support by “Programa de Perfeccionamiento de Doctores en el extranjero del Departamento de Educación, Universidades e Investigación”, and M.C. thanks the Spanish Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC) for a postdoctoral fellowship.


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Strike while the iron is hot: An efficient iron-catalyzed protocol for the S-arylation of aromatic and heteroaromatic thiol derivatives has been developed, which involves an inexpensive catalyst system formed by combining FeCl3 and N,N′-dimethylethylenediamine at 135 °C. This method avoids the use of expensive and/or air-sensitive ligands and provides in most cases the desired sulfide in high yields.