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Direct Imaging of the MoVTeNbO M1 Phase Using An Aberration-Corrected High-Resolution Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope


  • We wish to acknowledge Claus G. Lugmair and Anthony F. Volpe, Jr. of Symyx Technologies, Inc. for providing the M1 specimen used in this study. D.A.B. and T.V. would like to thank the State of South Carolina and the Vice President of Research & Health Sciences at the University of South Carolina for generous support.


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Seeing is believing: Aberration-corrected STEM imaging allows direct visualization of the orthorhombic M1 phase primary component of the MoVNbTeO propane ammoxidation catalyst. Atomic coordinates and site occupancies are obtained, and the beam-sensitive Te chains in the hexagonal and heptagonal channels are successfully imaged. These results suggest that HR-HAADF imaging may provide improved starting models for Rietveld analysis of complex structures.