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Supramolecular Metal Oxides: Programmed Hierarchical Assembly of a Protein-Sized 21 kDa [(C16H36N)19{H2NC(CH2O)3P2V3W15O59}4]5− Polyoxometalate Assembly


  • We thank The Royal Society, EPSRC, WestCHEM and the University of Glasgow for supporting this work.


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Covalent grafting of “organic caps” onto Dawson metal oxide clusters controls their supramolecular self-assembly in the solid and solution phase. Formation can be controlled by changing the solvent and the hydrogen-bonding groups on the cap. A gigantic nanoassembly with a mass of ca. 21 kDa is characterized unambiguously in the solid state using single-crystal XRD, and detected in solution/gas phase by cryospray mass spectrometry as the 5 ion.