Glow-Discharge Plasma-Assisted Design of Cobalt Catalysts for Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis


  • W. Chu thanks the CNRS and USTL for providing financial support during his stay as invited scientist. Financial support by the NSFC of China (20590360) and by the Ministry of Sciences and Technologies of China (2005CB221406) is acknowledged. P.A.C. is grateful to the financial support of the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research (grant no. 06-03-32500-a). The authors thank S. Nikitenko for help with X-ray absorption measurements. ESRF is acknowledged for use of beamtime.


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Plasma pretreatment of cobalt Fischer–Tropsch catalysts through glow discharge decomposes cobalt nitrate at much lower temperatures than conventional calcination, and smaller superparamagnetic Co metal particles (<7 nm) are formed (see schematic representation). The Fischer–Tropsch reaction rates with these catalysts are higher than or comparable to those of their counterparts prepared by conventional calcination at 473 K.