Helicity Inversion in Responsive Foldamers Induced by Achiral Halide ion Guests


  • We thank Jutta Schwarz and Irén Fischer for carrying out some monomer syntheses, as well as Dr. Ralf Bienert and Prof. Dr. Andreas Thünemann (BAM) for help with the dynamic light-scattering measurements. Generous support by the German Research Foundation within the ERA Chemistry Net (Project “SurConFold”) and the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie is gratefully acknowledged. We thank Wacker AG, BASF AG, Bayer Industry Services, and Sasol Germany for generous donations of chemicals.


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A surprising about-face: Click chemistry was used for the efficient synthesis of a new class of foldamers, referred to as clickamers, that display unusual folding and recognition properties. In the presence of halide ions—achiral species—they undergo an unprecedented helix inversion.