Detection of Enzymatic Activity by PARACEST MRI: A General Approach to Target a Large Variety of Enzymes


  • This work was financially supported by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, the Interdisciplinary program “Imagerie du Petit Animal” (CNRS), and European network (EMIL) no. 50356. It was performed within the European COST Action D38.


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Perfect timing: A “smart” pro-PARACEST agent has been designed to detect β-galactosidase activity. Upon enzymatic attack, the self-immolative benzyloxycarbamate linker bearing the enzyme-specific substrate is cleaved and yields [Yb(dota-NH2)], which is endowed with a PARACEST effect. This pro-PARACEST agent is the first representative of a family of molecular imaging probes for the specific detection of a large variety of enzymatic activities using PARACEST.