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Four-Electron Oxidative Formation of Aryl Diazenes Using a Tantalum Redox-Active Ligand Complex


  • This work was funded by the NSF-CAREER program (CHE-0645685) and the UCI Physical Sciences Center for Solar Energy. A.F.H. is an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow.


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The active ingredient: The bis(μ-imido) tantalum dimer {[ONOred]Ta(μ-N-p-tolyl)(py)}2 releases the aryl diazene (p-tolyl)N[DOUBLE BOND]N(p-tolyl) upon four-electron oxidation with PhICl2 (see scheme; py=pyridine). Studies suggest that the redox-active [ONOred]3− ligands act to collect single-electron oxidation equivalents for the multielectron reaction.