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Shape Development and Structure of a Complex (Otoconia-Like?) Calcite–Gelatine Composite


  • We gratefully acknowledge the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie for generous support. We are also grateful to Dr. G. Auffermann and A. Völzke for elemental analyses, H. Dallmann (TU Dresden) for thermal analyses, and Dr. U. Burkhardt for density measurements. We thank Prof. H. Lichte (TU Dresden) for the possibility to perform TEM measurements at the Triebenberg Laboratory and Dr. S. Wirth for fruitful discussions. Finally, we thank Prof. T. Zahnert and Dr. Y. Yarin (Universitätsklinikum der TU Dresden) for the SEM images of biogenic otoconia; coloring of the images was performed by Dipl.-Ing. H. Tlatlik (MPI CPfS).


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In one ear … : The outer shape and inner architecture of individual particles of a complex calcite–gelatine composite resemble the known characteristics of biogenic otoconia (“ear dust”; see picture). The relationships between the morphology of artificial and biogenic specimens are discussed.