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In Situ ATRP-Mediated Hierarchical Formation of Giant Amphiphile Bionanoreactors


  • The authors acknowledge the Swiss National Science Foundation (200020-113804/1) for financial support. We thank D. Gerard for the synthesis of the initiator, Dr. C. Bauer and J. Bosset at the Bioimaging Platform of the University of Geneva for their assistance with microscopy, and D.-H. Tran and the SVSMS Mass Spectrometry Core Facility of the University of Geneva for the MALDI-TOF MS measurements.


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Functional giants: Amphiphilic bioconjugates can be synthesized in situ by grafting polystyrene from a protein (see scheme). The resulting giant amphiphiles display low polydispersities and the characteristic aggregation properties of amphiphilic biomacromolecules. A second, catalytically active guest protein can also be included within the superstructures.