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Sustained Water Oxidation Photocatalysis by a Bioinspired Manganese Cluster


  • This work was supported by the Australian Research Council, the US National Institutes of Health, a Lemberg Fellowship, an Australian Postgraduate Award, and a Fulbright Postgraduate Award. We thank A. M. Bond, N. Fay, R. J. S Morrison, J. Scarino, J. Sheats, and G. Felton for their assistance and comments.


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The generation game: A manganese–oxo complex with a cubic {Mn4O4}7+ core catalyzes the electrooxidation of water when suspended within the aqueous channels of a Nafion membrane (see picture). Illumination with visible light under an applied potential of 1.0 V (vs Ag/AgCl) generates current over one thousand turnovers. The catalytically active species arises from photolysis and subsequent dissociation of the manganese complex.

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