Direct Catalytic Asymmetric Three-Component Kabachnik–Fields Reaction


  • We thank Alfred Deege and Heike Hinrichs for HPLC measurements. This work was funded in part by the DFG (priority program “Organocatalysis” SPP1179). Generous support by the Max Planck Society, Novartis (Young Investigator Award to B.L.), the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (Silver Award to B.L.), and AstraZeneca (Research Award in Organic Chemistry to B.L.) is gratefully acknowledged.


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As mimics of α-amino acids, α-amino phosphonates have great promise as antibacterial and anti-HIV agents as well as protease inhibitors. Racemic α-branched aldehydes react, in the presence the new chiral phosphoric acid catalyst 1, directly with p-anisidine (PMPNH2) and a phosphite to furnish β-branched α-amino phosphonates highly diastereoselectively and enantioselectively. Anth=anthracenyl.