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C1-(C84-C2(11))(CF3)12: Trifluoromethylation Yields Structural Proof of a Minor C84 Cage and Reveals a Principle of Higher Fullerene Reactivity


  • This work was supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (to A.A.P.), Moscow State University Research Computing Center, Russian Foundation for Basic Research (06-03033147-a to I.E.K.), Russian Science Support Foundation, U.S. NSF (0707223 to O.V.B and S.H.S.), and Civilian Research and Development Foundation (RUC2-2830-MO-06 to A.A.P. and S.H.S.).


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Ribbon pattern: An isomer of C84(CF3)12 fullerene with the C84-C2(11) cage (see molecular structure determined by X-ray crystallography) demonstrates a new principle of hollow higher fullerene reactivity: For 1,4-additions of bulky groups that produce ribbons or loops of edge-sharing p-C6X2 hexagons, the “most reactive” double bonds remain intact.