Liquid-Crystal Engineering with Anchor-Shaped Molecules: Honeycombs with Hexagonal and Trigonal Symmetries Formed by Polyphilic Bent-Core Molecules


  • This work, as part of the European Science Foundation EUROCORES Programme SONS, project SCALES was supported by funds from the DFG, EPSRC and the EC Sixth Framework Programme, under contract No. ERAS-CT-2003-989409, the Government of Sachsen-Anhalt in the framework of the Cluster of Excellence “Nanostructured Materials” and the FCI; we thank STFC for granting synchrotron beamtime at station I22 of the Diamond Light Source, and Dr. N. Terrill for help with the experiments.


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Anchored in hexagons: The molecules shown display two new complex liquid-crystalline phases formed by arrays of hexagonal cylinders, each hexagon comprising either three or six molecules. The phase type can be selected by choosing the right size ratio between the π-conjugated aromatic core (the anchor) and the flexible chain. One of the phases is the first columnar liquid crystal with trigonal symmetry.