Calcium Amidoborane Hydrogen Storage Materials: Crystal Structures of Decomposition Products


  • S. Harder kindly acknowledges Prof. Dr. Boese and D. Bläser for collection of X-ray data.


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A model solution to hydrogen storage? The recently introduced hydrogen storage material [{Ca(NH2BH3)2}n] has been investigated on a molecular level. A hydrocarbon-soluble calcium amidoborane complex eliminates H2 spontaneously at the very low temperature of 20–40 °C (see scheme). The decomposition product shows a dimeric species with a bridging [HN[BOND]BH[BOND]NH[BOND]BH3]2− ion that is isolobal to the allylic dianion [HC[BOND]CH[BOND]CH[BOND]CH3]2−.