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Colloidally Prepared Nanoparticles for the Synthesis of Structurally Well-Defined and Highly Active Heterogeneous Catalysts


  • We are grateful to the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie for financial support. We thank Prof. K. Al-Shamery (University Oldenburg) for valuable discussions, Dr. G. Nyce (Lawrence Livermore National Lab (USA)) for critical reading of the manuscript, and Dr. X. Wang for the preparation of the Pt nanoparticles.


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Structural control by application of ligand-stabilized nanoparticles in heterogeneous catalysis: Highly active and structurally well-defined NiPt nanocrystals can be obtained by colloidal synthesis. When deposited on suitable supports they show immediate activity without any oxidative or thermal pretreatment. The picture shows the development of the catalytic activity of supported colloidal NiPt nanoparticles for the oxidation of CO at 170 °C.