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An Organometallic Approach to Gold Nanoparticles: Synthesis and X-Ray Structure of CO-Protected Au21Fe10, Au22Fe12, Au28Fe14, and Au34Fe14 Clusters


  • Financial support from the University of Bologna (Clustercat), the MIUR (PRIN2006), and PRRIITT (Nanofaber) is gratefully acknowledged. We wish to thank Dr. Magda Blosi for her support with the DLS measurements.


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CO-vering gold: An organometallic approach to the synthesis of CO-protected Au–Fe nanoparticles led to solutions of colloids with hydrodynamic diameters between 4 and 300 nm, from which [Au21{Fe(CO)4}10]5− (picture: metal frame; Au yellow, Fe green), [Au22{Fe(CO)4}12]6−, [Au28{Fe(CO)3}4{Fe(CO)4}10]8−, and [Au34{Fe(CO)3}6{Fe(CO)4}8]8− were isolated. Their X-ray structures resemble those of gold–thiolate clusters.