Real-Time Detection of Protein–Water Dynamics upon Protein Folding by Terahertz Absorption Spectroscopy


  • We thank J. D. McDonald for the loan of a photomultiplier and Matthias Krüger for programming the THz data acquisition software. This work was supported by a grant from the Human Frontiers Science Program (M.H. and M.G.), by grant MCB-0613643 of the National Science Foundation (M.G.). B.B. wishes to thank the DAAD and the Ruhr-University Research School for financial support.


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Take a look around: Kinetic terahertz absorption (KITA) spectroscopy has been used to monitor the attenuation and phase shift of a terahertz electric field transmitted through a protein during refolding. Comparison with data from fluorescence, circular dichroism, and small angle X-ray scattering shows that KITA monitors rearrangements of the hydration water–protein interactions during early collapse and secondary structure formation.