Lattice Widening in Niobium-Doped TiO2 Nanotubes: Efficient Ion Intercalation and Swift Electrochromic Contrast


  • The authors acknowledge Sergiu P. Albu for XRD measurements, the DFG for financial support, and Robert P. Houser from ATI Wah Chang, an Allegheny Technologies Company, for providing the titanium–niobium alloy.


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Widely accommodating: Novel TiO2/Nb nanotube layers (see picture, right) are grown on a titanium–niobium alloy. Niobium doping of TiO2 enlarges the cell parameters of the anatase lattice (left; Nb green, Ti gray, O red), facilitating the intercalation of H+ and Li+ ions, and even larger Na+ ions (blue) into the lattice.