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Porphyrin Dimer Carbocations with Strong Near Infrared Absorption and Third-Order Optical Nonlinearity


  • This work was supported in part by the STC Program of the National Science Foundation under Agreement Number DMR-0120967 and the DARPA MORPH Program and ONR (N00014-06-1-1013 and N00014-06-1-0897). We thank Prof. S. R. Marder and Dr. S. Barlow for valuable discussion and the EPSRC Mass Spectrometry Service (Swansea) for mass spectra.


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Colored carbocations beyond the visible! A porphyrin dimer carbocation is synthesized with effective delocalization over 18 conjugated bonds. Placing a carbocation at the center of a conjugated porphyrin dimer shifts its absorption into the infrared and results in strong ultrafast nonlinear optical behavior.