Twelve One-Electron Ligands Coordinating One Metal Center: Structure and Bonding of [Mo(ZnCH3)9(ZnCp*)3]


  • Organo Group 13 Complexes of d-Block Elements, Part 52 (Part 51: G. Prabusankar, A. Kempter, C. Gemel, R. A. Fischer, Angew. Chem.2008, 120, 7344–7347; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2008, 47, 7234–7237). T.C. is grateful for a stipend from the Fonds of the Chemical Industry (Germany) and for support by the Ruhr University Research School.


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Surrounded by zinc: The reaction of [Mo(GaCp*)6] and Zn(CH3)2 zinc yields the exceptionally high-coordinate title compound (see picture; Mo red, Zn green, C gray). Quantum chemical analysis reveals a unique bonding situation best described as a perfectly sd5 hybridized molybdenum atom with 12 valence electrons engaged in Mo[BOND]Zn bonding. Another six electrons are delocalized over the Zn cage, evoking only weak Zn[BOND]Zn interactions.