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Synthesis and Electrode Performance of Nanostructured V2O5 by Using a Carbon Tube-in-Tube as a Nanoreactor and an Efficient Mixed-Conducting Network


  • The authors thank G. Götz and A. Schulz for their technical support; Dr. R. Merkle for TG measurement; Drs. J. Jamnik, R. Dominko, and Y.-G. Guo for helpful discussions. The authors are indebted to the Max Planck Society and acknowledge support in the framework of the ENERCHEM project.


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Totally tubular electrodes: A new design is proposed for nanostructured electrodes for high-performance lithium batteries (see picture) based on the use of carbon tube-in-tube (CTIT) as both a nanoreactor and an efficient ion- and electron-conducting network. A V2O5/CTIT nanocomposite electrode is prepared to demonstrate this concept. The resulting materials exhibit a significant improved lithium-storage performance.