Nanoscale Reactor Engineering: Hydrothermal Synthesis of Uniform Zeolite Particles in Massively Parallel Reaction Chambers


  • Funding was provided by the NSF (mainly by CMMI-0707610 and in parts by DMR-0704312, DMR-0212302 and CBET-0522518) and the Petroleum Research Foundation, administered by the American Chemical Society (ACS-PRF 42751-AC10). Parts of this work were carried out in the Institute of Technology Characterization Facility, University of Minnesota, which receives partial support from NSF through the NNIN program.


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Cooking in a small pot: Uniform zeolite particles (see picture) can be prepared in high yield by hydrothermal syntheses within the confinement of inverse-opal carbon reactors. The product morphology depends on interfacial interactions at the reactor walls and on other parameters that can be engineered into the reactor process.