A Water Soluble Diruthenium–Gold Organometallic Microgel


  • Funding was provided by Junta de Andalucía through PAI (research teams QM-317 and FQM-230) and Excellence Projects: FQM-02353 and FQM-03092, the MCRTN program AQUACHEM (MRTN-CT-2003-503864), COST Actions D17, D29, D45, and MCYT (Spain) projects CTQ2006-06552/BQU, and MAT2006-13646-C03-02.


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Bridging the gap: Two metal-containing moieties, [CpRuCNRuCp]+ and [Au(CN)4], are bridged through a pta ligand in the P,N coordination mode in a water-soluble, air-stable heterobimetallic coordination polymer (see picture, Au orange, Ru turquoise, C gray, N blue, P purple). This complex exhibits gel-like behavior in water, specifically a thermally controlled volume transition. pta=1,3,5-triaza-7-phosphaadamantane, Cp=cyclopentadienyl.