The Most Stable and Fully Characterized Functionalized Heptacene


  • We are indebted to Dr. Guan Wu for his assistance with the single-crystal structure elucidation. We thank Prof. John Anthony for providing valuable insight and data that helped facilitate our characterization. We also thank Prof. Galen Stucky for helpful suggestions which led to the successful collection of the X-ray data and Brittnee Veldman for technical assistance with the UV/Vis–NIR data. This work was funded by the NSF through grant DMR 9796302.


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Lucky seven: Crystals of heptacene, which consists of seven linearly fused benzene rings, remain stable for at least 21 days in mineral oil and 24 h in degassed solution when the oligoacene is functionalized with phenyl and triisopropylsilylethynyl groups (see scheme). The right combination of functionalities makes this seven-ring system the most stable functionalized heptacene synthesized to date.