A Synthetic Analogue of Rieske-Type [2Fe-2S] Clusters


  • Financial support by the DFG (International Research Training Group GRK 1422 “Metal Sites in Biomolecules: Structures, Regulation and Mechanisms”; see www.biometals.eu) and the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (Kekulé fellowship for J.B.) is gratefully acknowledged.


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Copycat: An accurate synthetic model for Rieske type [2Fe-2S] cluster has been prepared that emulates structural and spectroscopic features of the natural protein sites, including the characteristic low gav value in the EPR spectra of the reduced [2Fe-2S]+ species. The picture shows the crystal structure of the molecule (C gray, Fe red, N blue, S yellow), its EPR spectrum after reduction (bottom) and its Mössbauer spectrum (top).