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Activation of White Phosphorus by Reduction in the Presence of a Zirconium Diamidodiphosphine Macrocycle: Formation of a Bridging Square-Planar cyclo-P4 Unit


  • We gratefully acknowledge funding from NSERC of Canada. We also thank the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung for a Feodor Lynen Fellowship for W.W.S. and the Killam Foundation for a postdoctoral fellowship to O.T.S.


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It's hip to be square: A perfectly planar square of phosphorus atoms is prepared by the reduction of [ZrCl2{PhP(CH2SiMe2NSiMe2CH2)2PPh}] in the presence of P4 (see structure). On the basis of the P[BOND]P single bond lengths and oxidation state of the Zr centers, this unit is formulated as a [P4]4− fragment.