Intermolecular Sensitization of a Terbium-Containing Amphiphile by an Integral Membrane Protein


  • We thank Prof. R. N. Perutz and Prof. C. Kleanthous for helpful discussions, M. Stark for the TEM image, Prof. S. Faulkner, Dr. H. D. Batey, and R. Bradshaw (University of Manchester) for the lifetime determinations, and the EPSRC and the University of York for financial support.


original image

A luminescent probe for integral membrane proteins (IMPs): Intermolecular sensitization of Tb luminescence is observed in micelles in which the polar head group of a Tb-containing lipid analogue is located close to an antenna chromophore, such as tryptophan, in a surfactant analogue that mimics interfacially bound tryptophan residues of an IMP or tryptophan in the aromatic collar of the vitamin B12 transporter protein BtuB (see picture).