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Hydrogenation of Arenes by Dual Activation: Reduction of Substrates Ranging from Benzene to C60 Fullerene under Ambient Conditions


  • This work was supported by the following grants: KRF-2005-005J11091 (MOEHRD), R01-2006-000-10426-0 (KOSEF), and R11-2005-008-00000-0 (SRC program of MOST/KOSEF).


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Tackling aromaticity: The title reaction was accomplished by simultaneous activation of molecular hydrogen and the aromatic substrate by Pd/C and a Lewis acidic ionic liquid, respectively. Even benzene and C60 fullerene were hydrogenated under ambient conditions (1 bar of H2 at room temperature). An ionic hydrogenation mechanism (see scheme) is supported by characterization of a stabilized arenium intermediate.