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Core–Satellite Nanocomposite Catalysts Protected by a Porous Silica Shell: Controllable Reactivity, High Stability, and Magnetic Recyclability


  • Y. Yin thanks the University of California, Riverside for start-up funds. This research was supported by the Donors of the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund. We also thank Prof. W. P. Beyermann and Dr. M. Biasini for help in measuring magnetic properties, and Prof. P. Feng, R. Liu, Prof. Y. Yan, and M. Sun for BET measurements.


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Limited holeliness: Core–satellite nanocomposite catalysts protected by a layer of mesoporous silica have been fabricated through the combination of simple sol–gel and etching processes. As superparamagnetic components are also incorporated, these composite structures are ideal recyclable catalysts. (see plot for performance in repeated cycles of 4-nitrophenol reduction).