Microcontainers with Fluorescent Anisotropic Zeolite L Cores and Isotropic Silica Shells


  • Financial support by the Spanish Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (A.G.M. and project NAN2004-08843) is gratefully acknowledged. J.B. Rodríguez-González and C. Serra (CACTI, Univ. Vigo) and nanoAnalytics (CeNTech, Münster) are thanked for assistance with SEM and fluorescence microscopy measurements, respectively.


Multicolor fluorescent containers: A silica coating procedure has been devised for the preparation of multifluorescent dye-loaded zeolite L crystals with luminescent anisotropic cores and isotropic shells. The method comprises a combination of the polyelectrolyte layer-by-layer technique and Stöber synthesis (see scheme, TEM image, and fluorescence microscopy images).

original image