Dual Labeling of Biomolecules by Using Click Chemistry: A Sequential Approach


  • P.K. thanks the Humboldt Foundation for a Humboldt fellowship (3.3-UNG/1126507). Financial support from GVOP-3.2.1.-2004-04-0005/3.0, T 049814 (OTKA) and H07-B-74291 (NKTH-OTKA) are greatly acknowledged. The authors wish to thank Dr. K. Hegyi and Dr. Z. Novák for helpful discussions.


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Click by click: Dual labeling of model compounds was carried out by using copper-free and copper-mediated click chemistry in a sequential manner. This method was used to introduce two labels onto biological targets or nanoparticles, thus quickly converting them into fluorescence resonance energy transfer systems.