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A Bistable Poly[2]catenane Forms Nanosuperstructures


  • We gratefully acknowledge FENA and MURI for funding support. R.K. was supported by the MRSEC program of the National Science Foundation (DMR-0520513) at the Materials Research Center of Northwestern University. A.B.B. was supported by an NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship (IF32CA136148-01).


Side-chain poly[2]catenanes at the click of a switch! A bistable side-chain poly[2]catenane has been synthesized and found to form hierarchical self-assembled hollow superstructures of nanoscale dimensions in solution. Molecular electromechanical switching (see picture) of the material is demonstrated, and the ground-state equilibrium thermodynamics and switching kinetics are examined as the initial steps towards processible molecular-based electronic devices and nanoelectromechanical systems.

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