High-Purity Discrete PEG-Oligomer Crystals Allow Structural Insight


  • We thank Drs. John Porter and Mike Eaton from UCB-Celltech for invaluable collaborative support; Dr. David J. Watkin for crystallographic insight and CEM for their generosity and technical support. UCB-Celltech and the BBSRC funded an Industrial CASE Studentship for A.C.F. PEG=Poly(ethylene glycol).


To great (monodisperse) lengths: An improved synthesis of purer ethylene glycol (EG) oligomers allows access to 16- and 32-mers pure enough for multiple incorporation, and also to the longest (48-mer) discrete EG oligomer yet reported. The high purity enables the first crystallizations and hence the first glimpses of secondary 310-helical PEG structures.

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