Energetic Mono-, Di-, and Trisubstituted Nitroiminotetrazoles


  • We gratefully acknowledge the support of the DTRA (HDTRA1-07-1-0024), the NSF (CHE-0315275), and the ONR (N00014-06-1-1032). We are grateful to Dr. D. A. Parrish, Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), for determining the single-crystal X-ray structures.


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A bundle of energy: The title compounds were synthesized in good yield from aminotetrazoles (obtained from the reaction of cyanogen azide with primary amines) by treatment with 100 % nitric acid and were fully characterized by spectroscopic methods, elemental analysis, and in some cases X-ray diffraction (see example; N blue, O red). The heats of formation of these energetic materials were calculated, as well as their detonation pressures and velocities.