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Electronic Absorption Spectra and Redox Properties of C Type Cytochromes in Living Microbes


  • This work was financially supported by Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology (ERATO) program of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). We would like to acknowledge H. Takahashi (System Instruments Co., LTD.) for discussions and technical support for EW spectroscopy. We also acknowledge Dr. K. Watanabe (UT, ERATO/JST) for discussions about physiological properties of strain PV-4 and G. Newton (ERATO/JST) for the critical reading of the manuscript.


Shewanella is an electrogenic microbe that has significant content of c type cytochromes (ca. 0.5 mM). This feature allows the optical absorption spectra of the cell-membrane-associated proteins to be monitored in vivo in the course of extracellular respiratory electron-transfer reactions. The results show significant differences to those obtained in vitro with purified proteins.

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