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The Copper-Catalyzed Decarboxylative Coupling of the sp3-Hybridized Carbon Atoms of α-Amino Acids


  • This work was initiated and completed at McGill University. We are grateful to the Canada Research Chair (Tier I) Foundation (C.J.L.), the CFI, and the NSERC for support of our research. H.-P. Bi thanks the National Graduate Students Program of Building World-Class Universities grant (Grant No. [2007]3020) for financial support.


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Joined at the Cs: A novel intermolecular decarboxylative Cmath image[BOND]Cmath image, Cmath image[BOND]Cmath image, and Cmath image[BOND]Csp coupling catalyzed by CuBr and using α-amino acids as starting materials has been developed (see scheme). Various functionalized nitrogen-containing compounds were obtained by this method.