Shape-Selective Interception by Hydrocarbons of the O2-Derived Oxidant of a Biomimetic Nonheme Iron Complex


  • Research support was provided by the National Institutes of Health (GM-33162 to L.Q.) and the National Science Foundation (MCB-0424494 to E.M. and CHE070073 to E.L.B. through TeraGrid resources provided by the NCSA).


Picky ferryl: The complex [Fe(Tpmath image)(BF)] (Tpmath image=hydrotris(3,5-diphenylpyrazolyl)borate; BF=benzoylformate) reacts with O2 to generate an oxidant (see picture; O red, pink; Fe yellow; N blue; C gray; H white) that oxidizes added hydrocarbons shape-selectively. Discrimination derives from a cleft formed by two phenyl groups of the Tpmath image ligand, favoring oblate spheroidal substrates.

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