Assembly of Nanocrystal Arrays by Block-Copolymer-Directed Nucleation


  • We thank UW-Madison NSEC (NSF Grant DMR 0425880) for support. S.J. also thanks a Dupont Young Prof. Grant, a 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award, a Research Corporation Cottrell Scholar Award, and the ACS Exxon Mobil Solid-State Fellowship. S.A.M. thanks 3M(Graduate Fellowship) for partial support.


Growing in line: The surface chemistry of self-assembled nanostructured block copolymers is used to control the sites at which semiconducting metal sulfide nanocrystals nucleate and grow on a surface directly from aqueous solutions. This process is a new and general strategy for the bottom-up assembly of functional nanocrystalline materials for a variety of applications.

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