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A Chiral Concave-Bound Cyclopentadienyl Iron Complex of Sumanene


  • We thank Toshiko Muneishi for recording the NMR spectra. H.S. expresses his special thanks to the Global Center of Excellence (GCOE) program “Global Education and Research Center for Bio-Environmental Chemistry” of Osaka University. This work was financially supported in part by Research Capability Development Project from Frontier Research Center, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University.


Great bowls of fire: The rotation of the cyclopentadienyl (Cp) ring is restricted in two concave-bound monoalkyl-substituted [CpFe(η6-sumanene)]+ “π-bowl” complexes (see picture). The asymmetric stacking of atropisomers was observed with a MeCpFe complex in the solid state and the chiral (S)-sBuCpFe complex showed magnetic and optical desymmetrization of the sumanene ligand, which is the first example of a chiral complex of a π-bowl ligand.

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