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Near-IR Remote Release from Assemblies of Liposomes and Nanoparticles


  • This work was supported by EU6 project BIOCOATING and PICT-2006-01365 (Max-Planck Society—Argentine SeCyt). We also thank Rona Pitschke and Heike Runge for TEM imaging.


Set free by light: Near-IR (NIR) laser-initiated remote release of fluorescent dye from complexes of liposome–gold-nanoparticle aggregates is demonstrated (see fluorescence images). Complexes of the desired size are shown to be a viable approach to the construction of vesicle-based drug-delivery systems with light-triggered remote release characteristics. This opens up a new method to manipulate liposome-based drug-delivery systems in a biocompatible way by using the near-IR spectral range.

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