Ratiometric Single-Nanoparticle Oxygen Sensors for Biological Imaging


  • We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the NSF/EPSCoR under grant nos. 2001RII-EPS-0132573 and 2004RII-EPS-0447660, NSF CAREER grant no. CHE-0547846, NIH grant no. 1R01M081040, and NSF EFRI grant no. ENG-0736007.


It makes sense: Conjugated polymer nanoparticles doped with a platinum porphyrin dye exhibit bright phosphorescence that is highly sensitive to the concentration of molecular oxygen. The small size, extraordinary brightness, excellent sensitivity, and ratiometric emission, together with the demonstration of single-particle sensing and cellular uptake, indicate the potential of the nanoparticle sensors for quantitative mapping of local molecular oxygen concentration.

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