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Hexa- and Octagold Chains from Flexible Tetragold Molecular Units Supported by Linear Tetraphosphine Ligands


  • This work was partly supported by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, and Culture of Japan. Y.T. is grateful to the Japan Science Society for generous financial support (Sasakawa Scientific Research Grant) and to Nara Women's University for a grant for young female researchers.


A flexible building block: Flexible tetragold(I) chain complexes supported by a new single methylene-bridged tetraphosphine ligand were synthesized and further transformed into discrete linear octagold(I) {Au8} and cyclic hexagold(I) {Au6} structures by reaction with KI and NaAuCl4, respectively (see picture, Au purple, Cl dark green, PF6 light green, I pink). The tetragold complexes are also luminescent at room temperature.

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