Cation–Cation Interactions, Magnetic Communication, and Reactivity of the Pentavalent Uranium Ion [U(NtBu)2]+


  • This work was funded by the G.T. Seaborg Institute at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Division of Chemical Sciences, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, U.S. Department of Energy under the Heavy Element Chemistry program.


Communication is important: The dimeric bis(imido) uranium complex [{U(NtBu)2(I)(tBu2bpy)}2] (see picture; U green, N blue, I red) has cation–cation interactions between [U(NR)2]+ ions. This f1–f1 system also displays f orbital communication between uranium(V) centers at low temperatures, and can be oxidized to generate uranium(VI) bis(imido) complexes.

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