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Chiral Recognition of Hybrid Metal Oxide by Peptides


  • We thank CNRS, IUF, UPMC, and ANR (grant JC05_41806 to E.L., S.T., and B.H.) for financial support of this work. We acknowledge our referees for their enriching suggestions.


Resolution of gram quantities of a subtly chiral polyoxometalate (POM; the chirality originates from substitution of one metal in the nanosized framework) is possible by reaction with small peptides. Functionalizable acyl polyoxotungstate (TBA)61-P2W17O61{SnCH2CH2C([DOUBLE BOND]O)}] (see picture) can be resolved by kinetic resolution. This approach paves the way for applications of chiral POMs ranging from asymmetric catalysis to their bioactivity.

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