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A Ditopic Ion-Pair Receptor Based on Stacked Nucleobase Quartets


  • We thank the International Max Planck Research School in Chemical Biology (IMPRS-CB) in Dortmund for a doctoral fellowship for T.v.d.W, the National Research School Combination—Catalysis (NRSC-C) for a postdoctoral fellowship for C.F.G., the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA) for a research fellowship for M.S., and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO-CW and NWO-NCF) as well as the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) for further financial support.


Pass the salt, please! State-of-the-art computations indicate that the stacking complex of a guanine quartet and an adenine quartet (G4A4) can function as a potent ditopic receptor for NaCl in aqueous solution (see picture; Na+, Cl yellow, O red, N blue, C black, H white).

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