Self-Assembly Made Durable: Water-Repellent Materials Formed by Cross-Linking Fullerene Derivatives


  • This work was supported in part by a Grand-in-Aid from the Ministry of Education, Sciences, Sports, and Culture (Japan), and PRESTO, JST (Japan) (T.N.). We thank Dr. M. Takeuchi (NIMS) and T. Sievers (MPI) for helpful discussions.


Fullerene flakes: A diacetylene-functionalized fullerene derivative self-organizes into flakelike microparticles (see picture). Both the diacetylene and C60 moieties can be effectively cross-linked, which leads to supramolecular materials with remarkable resistivity to solvent, heat, and mechanical stress. Moreover, the surface of the cross-linked flakelike objects is highly durable and water-repellent.

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