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Simplifying the Creation of Hollow Metallic Nanostructures: One-Pot Synthesis of Hollow Palladium/Platinum Single-Crystalline Nanocubes


  • Our research was financially supported by NNSFC (20871100, 20721001), the 973 projects (2009CB930703) from MSTC, the Key Project (108077) from the Chinese Ministry of Education, RFDP (200803841010), and the Key Scientific Project of Fujian Province of China (2009HZ10102).


Efficiency simplified: A synthetic strategy has been developed to prepare single-crystalline hollow Pd/Pt nanocubes (right, see picture; left: nanocubes). Compared to the solid Pd/Pt nanocubes of similar sizes, the hollow Pd/Pt nanocubes increase accessible surface area and therefore improve electrocatalytic activity in formic acid oxidation.

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