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Gold(I) Complexes of Phosphanyl Gallanes: From Interconverting to Separable Coordination Isomers


  • The CNRS, UPS and ANR (ANR-06-BLAN-0034) are warmly acknowledged for financial support of this work. Fruitful discussions with Dr. K. Miqueu (Pau, France) have been particularly appreciated. L.M. thanks CalMip (CNRS, Toulouse, France) and Cines (CNRS, Toulouse, France) for calculation facilities and the Institut Universitaire de France.


Gallant exchange: Upon coordination of phosphanyl gallane ligands to AuCl, both neutral and zwitterionic complexes coexist. NMR spectroscopy provides direct evidence for the transfer of the chloride between gold and gallium in diphosphanyl gallane. The introduction of a third phosphanyl buttress allows the separation and structural characterization of the two coordination isomers (see picture; Au yellow, P red, Cl green, Ga blue).

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