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Highly Water-Dispersible Biocompatible Magnetite Particles with Low Cytotoxicity Stabilized by Citrate Groups


  • This work was supported by the NSF of China (20721063, 2021140537, 20871030, 20890120), the State Key Basic Research Program of the PRC (2006CB932302), Shanghai Leading Academic Discipline Project (B108), Shanghai Rising Star program (08A14010), and the Doctoral Program Foundation of the State Education Commission of China (200802461013).


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Uniform magnetite particles stabilized by citrate groups were successfully synthesized by a modified high-temperature solvothermal reaction. Cell imaging reveals that the water-dispersible particles can readily penetrate into cells without destroying them, indicating an excellent biocompatibility. A high enrichment capacity of the magnetite particles for separation of trace peptides is observed.

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