Design of a G-Quadruplex Topology through Glycosidic Bond Angles


  • This work was supported by the Royal Society (UK), the Slovenian Research Agency (P1-0242 and J1-0986), a Grant-in-Aid for Priority Research from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, Japan, and the European Community (EU-NMR, contract no. RII3-026145). The authors also acknowledge support from the Global COE Program “Integrated Materials Science” (NoB- 09) and COST MP0802.


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Building regulations: Thus far the discovery of novel DNA quadruplex topologies was either serendipitous or through coincidental emergence. Now a deductive system, based on the glycosidic bond angle of guanosines, can be used to derive a set of inference rules for the prediction of both known and theoretical quadruplex topologies. This formalism was used to design and control the self-assembly of a novel DNA quadruplex architecture.